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“Genome Engineering of Fungal and Yeast Strains for Biomolecule Production” (5th -7th December 2018)

The training program will cover modern tools and techniques used in experimental research in the area of strain development and improvement for the production of biomolecules. This will cover in-depth genetic engineering approach which include DNA cloning, PCR, genome editing and enzyme assays.
The purpose of the training programme is to upgrade skills and generate trained human resource in the related sector. The Training will give an opportunity to have hands-on experience in genetic engineering paradigm for strain improvement and industrial biotechnology applications. This training workshop is being organized as part of Industry mentoring of BIRAC in collaboration with DBT-ICGEB Centre for Advance BioEnergy Centre, ICGEB, New Delhi.

Objectives: Various molecules produced through biological sources have become need of an hour to save our environment from toxic and hazardous chemical processes. However, there is hardly any biomolecule produced naturally by the native organism that can meet the desired titer and productivity. Therefore strain development and improvement becomes a key subject for making the process economically viable at commercial level. This training program will provide theoretical and practical courses on strain development and improvement for biomolecule production. The topics to be covered are as follows:

The training is to be divided into 2 categories each to be covered over a period of 3 days.

1. Fungal platform for enzyme production
2. Yeast platform for biomolecule production

For more details please see below the BIRAC-ICGEB Workshop Brochure and duly fill the requisition form

BIRAC-ICGEB Workshop Brochure

Requisition Form

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Workshop Announcement

Genome Engineering of Fungal and Yeast Strains for Biomolecule Production . Apply Soon..

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