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DBT-ICGEB Advanced Bioenergy Research (DBT-ICGEB) is an integrated centre for performing cutting-edge basic research and its translation into reality. It thrives upon ICGEB mandate to perform research in the field of molecular biology and biotechnology and will serve as platform for the synthetic biologists to work in diverese bioenergy areas such as microbial engineering, biochemical engineering, algal engineering and systems biology.

DBT-ICGEB was established in March 2012 as a result of visionary determination of Department of biotechnology India and ICGEB-New Delhi. The scientific and technical aspects of the centre are coordinated by Dr. Syed Shams Yazdani, Synthetic Biology and Biofuels group, ICGEB-New Delhi.

DBT-ICGEB mainly perform technology driven basic research through genomic, metagenomic, transcriptomic and proteomic approaches; systems biology, metabolic flux analysis, metabolic modeling; engineering algae and microbes; and the innovative leads produced from the centre will be used for the improvement of existing technology towards the production of biofuel. The Centre will extensively collaborate with other Bioenergy Centres such as DBT-ICT Centre for Energy Biosciences, Mumbai and DBT-IOC Centre for Advanced Bioenergy Research, Faridabad for transformation of its research outcome into integrated commercializable technology.

  • Who We AreIn March 2012 the third bioenergy centre after ICT, Mumbai and IOCL Faridabad was established at ICGEB, New Delhi for strengthening the existing capacity in synthetic biology and to promote the cutting edge research in biofuel area. The centre is well equipped with a team of more than 35 researchers.
  • Our ApproachWe use advance genetic tools, metabolic engineering and system biology approaches to improve bacterial, fungal and algal stains.
  • MethodologyWe are well-equipped most advance research laboratory facilities configured to support a wide range of biofuel research in production of cellulosic ethanol and algal biofuels.
    Several novel enzymes have been designed in silico and expressed in suitable hosts.
    The enzymes are modified for desirable features like temperature, alkalinity and inhibition tolerance.


DBT-ICGEB Advanced Bioenergy Research


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